Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Guide to Santorini: Things to do Part 2

Here's Part 2 of my guide to Santorini. If you missed the first post read here

Hiking Trail from Oia to Fira

Prior to arriving in Santorini, i knew i wanted to do the 9km hike from Oia to Fira (I obviously only dropped this bombshell to the bf the night before as he's not big into walks). I heard great things about the views and it was a perfect excuse to work off some of the holiday food baby.

I picked a day when i knew it would be cloudy in the morning and made sure we set off early as we were told it would take 2-3hrs to complete and would undoubtedly be tough in the midday sun.

We took plenty of water and snacks, and off we went. The trail is not very well marked but if you follow the Caldera rim you are on the right track. The trail was tough in certain sections but the spectacular views made it all worth the effort.

The volcanic landscape is unlike anything i've seen before. Pretty, quaint villages hug the sides of the cliffs, made of layers of solidified lava, slope steeply down to the Aegean Sea making for a stunning backdrop. It's crazy to think that Santorini is still an active volcano albeit dormant (thankfully).

Skaros Rock

After a couple of hours at a gentle pace we reached our destination of Fira just in time for the sun to come out. We treated ourselves to a well deserved breakfast then headed back to Oia (on the bus of course) and lounged by the pool for the rest of the afternoon.

Sunset cruise around the Caldera

One of the things I highly recommend doing while in Santorini is the boat cruise around the Caldera and watching the sun go down. On our last day we managed to get an amazing deal for the 5 hour cruise mainly due to the fact we had torrential rain that day. We both thought hey ho we might as well rather then being cooped in our apartment.

We went with Spiridakos Sailing Cruises, who picked us up from Oia and took us down to Marina Vlychada where we boarded our catamaran. Initially, the waters were choppy which made sitting out on the deck a slightly wet experience but soon calmed as we entered the sea within the caldera. Here, we saw the incredible volcanic landscape, so varied and colourful from the elements iron, copper and sulphur.

 The Red Beach
 The White Beach
Indian Rocks 

We stopped off at the hot springs where people were able to go and swim in the luke warm waters (be warned it turns light bikinis brown). Instead, I decided to stay on the catamaran and enjoy the sun finally coming out.

Whilst sunning myself, i met this wonderful gentleman. I found out from the skipper he has lived by himself, for over 70 years in this little house with his dog, chickens and goats. Fully self sufficient he trades eggs from his chickens for supplies from the visiting boats.

 Dress - Zara
Sunglasses- Rayban
Anklet- Accessorize

As part of the cruise we were prepared a delicious Greek dinner whilst we gazed at the view up to Fira.

As the sun slowly went down we watched one of the most incredible sunsets unfold.

We sailed back to the marina while the sky was lit in a blanket of golden light. Truly a perfect ending to a amazing trip in Santorini.

Linda x

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