Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Homemade Picnics

Ever an eternal optimist when it comes to the weather in Ireland, I hoped for a sunny weekend and for once my prayers were finally answered. It's beginning to look like summer here and with that i am able to do some of my favourite things, such as have a picnic.

I was given a beautiful picnic basket for my birthday two years ago and with regret it has been hidden in a wardrobe since receiving it due to the not so sunny summers here. The appearance of glorious weather this weekend meant i was able to finally christen it.

I usually like the easy life when it comes to picnics, sticking with the standard sandwiches and crisps or buying prepacked items from local supermarkets but thought as this felt like a special occasion i would push the boat out and make everything I could from scratch.

On the menu were sausage rolls, spinach and ricotta pinwheels, chicken wings in a chilli marinade, spicy pepperoni and tomato pasta, blueberry scones and strawberries dipped in dark chocolate all handmade except the continental meats and a cheeky purchase of M&S pink lemonade.

We drove over to our local park (walking with a heavy picnic basket and three huge food bags did not go down well with the bf) and picked a spot directly in the sunshine. I brought a citronella candle to keep away the insects and comfy cushions to sit/lay against. 

It was lovely spending an evening away from the tv and sitting in the warmth of the sun, dining al fresco. The humidity in the air meant bare arms and legs was the only option and I was glad to get some Vitamin D on my skin.

What did you get up to this weekend? Hope it was just as fabulous?

Linda x


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