Tuesday, 26 July 2016

My Summer Scent: Blackberry & Bay by Jo Malone

During the summer months, like most, I stick to lighter, more feminine notes. I wouldn't say I was a lover of the sickly sweet fragrances but I do love certain fruity scents, cue my obssession with the Blackberry & Bay Cologne by Jo Malone. This scent for me is summer in a bottle, and i find myself repurchasing this every year.

Blackberry & Bay Cologne here

Now, I wouldn't be an expert in describing scents, but mixed with the chemistry from my skin I can definitely smell tart blackberries, notes of grapefruit blended with the zesty freshness, and herbal scent of bay leaves. After a while, once settled, the scent develops an enticing, aromatic woody note, which is addictive and satisfying, that you can't help but love.

The fragrances creator French perfumer, Fabrice Pellegri wanted the scent to evoke childhood memories of blackberry picking and it certainly succeeds in capturing these forgotten memories. The scent for me, takes me back to a time when I was much younger and being taken to a fruit picking farm in the English countryside with my sisters. The sun was beating down and the air smelt fresh and green, with baskets in our hands, we filled them to the brim, as we hid amongst the bushes cheekily filling our faces with the juiciest, fattest blackberries. The scent does bring back the happiest of memories.

One unique feature Jo Malone has cleverly designed, is the art of layering scents to tailor a signature fragrance to a person or a specific occasion. Most suited for Blackberry & Bay are floral and citrus notes found in Orange Blossom and Lime Basil & Mandarin, this allows you to mix and match your scent to your mood and gives you the excuse to try other scents in the range.

The staying power of this cologne is impressive, leaving a lingering scent all day. I can see the scent appealing to most women as it's very easy to wear and has such an alluring quality, so much so, often I get asked what I am wearing. The cologne would make a beautiful addition to any perfume collection.

For now, this will be the scent I will be reaching for, again and again and when gifts 'from me to me' look like this, then who can resist?

Have you tried Blackberry & Bay? Does it trigger any fond memories for you?

Linda x

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