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My Top 5 brunch spots in New York

I'm back with another New York post all about my favourite places to have a spot of brunch. Whilst planning for the trip, I made of list of places I wanted to try that friends and fellow bloggers' had raved about. There were a few early morning starts to make sure I got a table but it's safe to say I loved every suggestion and wish I didn't need to cross the Atlantic to try their truly delicious dishes again, New Yorker's you are very lucky. Here is a little round up of a few of my faves.

Jacks Wife Freda
This extremely busy, all-day bistro is a cult favourite with bloggers' and instagrammers' and I can definitely see why and it's all down to the small details such as their drool worthy menu, cute mottos on their sugar sachets and friendly service. I had trouble trying to decide between the Rosewater waffle and the Madame Freda but the latter won out as I had been up since 5am (jet lag is the worst) and I needed some protein and carbs and this certainly did the trick, it was delicious and filling and kept me going right through to late afternoon. Don't forget to try their fresh cantaloupe juice it was instantly refreshing and a perfect start to a day of exploring.
This place was top of my list when I started plan places to eat in New York and it really didn't disappoint. I went first thing on a glorious day and sat outside basking in the morning sun. The decor is beautiful and I loved the real plants dotted everywhere. The menu is solely vegetarian but everything on it sounded delicious and tempting. I went with the breakfast bagel with scrambled egg, cashew cheese and adzuki bacon and it was incredible. I had never had vegan cheese or bacon before and would highly recommend. I didn't stop for air until it was all devoured. 

They are known for their fresh juices and smoothies but on this occasion I was a little naughty and opted for their Divine Intervention smoothie of espresso, vegan vanilla ice cream and almond milk and it definitely lived up to it's name and a must try for a cold, coffee alternative. A great place to catch up with friends over fresh, healthy dishes.

A friend had told me about this amazing vegan place and I looking forward to seeing what the fuss was about. Needless to say I totally get it now. I had heard about the crazy queues out the door and the fight for tables but my experience was a lot easier than I expected. Yes, I queued for about 10 minutes but luckily being a solo diner I managed to grab a table by the window with a single chair, I felt like I had hit the jackpot after everyone's stories of tag teaming or hovering over other diners waiting to pounce. 

I choose the quinoa taco bowl, it was so fresh and I loved the spicy seitan chorizo (you would never guess it wasn't meat) and the crispy tortilla strips really added a delicious crunch to the dish. The portions are extremely generous and each mouthful made you want to go back for more. I finished the meal with a tasty seasonal cranberry and ginger lemonade and left happy. It's definitely worth a visit but to avoid the mad rush probably don't visit at lunchtime.

On my first attempt to visit this place I thought I would be able to slip in as a solo diner but it was packed to the brim and the wait list was over half an hour. I decided to return the next day at opening time. As I returned the next day, there was already a mini queue forming but luckily as the doors opened I managed to get a window seat perfect for people watching.

As you may of guessed their menu is centred around eggs as the main star of the show and everything that came out of their kitchen looked and smelt incredible. I started with a much needed latte and decided on their Eggshop B.E.C. with broken yolk, cheddar cheese, bacon, tomatoe jam and pickled jalapenos on a crispy, light panini roll. Each bite was tasty and moreish and so good I could of easily ordered another. A pretty outstanding breakfast and I only wish I'd had time to go back again!

Loosie's Kitchen
Based in Williamsburg this restaurant is close to Williamsburg Bridge. The restaurant is small but the decor is beautiful and light. I made a reservation for brunch on a Saturday and got a great little table in their main area. 

The menu has all you could want from brunch with a few New York twists. Of course, I could not resist trying something a little different to my usual eggs benedict and decided to opt for Loosie's fried chicken and waffles. It was incredible, the chicken was perfect and crispy and the waffle melted in the mouth. Normally I steer clear of maple syrup but this spicy concoction was delicious and and I could help going back for more. As it was my last meal in New York I left Loosie's happy and content and wish I could visit all over again.

Have you tried any of these places for brunch?

Linda x


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